Xiber participates in press briefing held by the brand-new 5G for 12GHz Coalition.

By Kim Curry | May 21, 2021

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Local and national companies, public interest groups, and trade associations in the telecom sector came together to form a new coalition called 5G for 12GHz.


The 5G for 12GHz Coalition serves to advocate to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to modernize old 12GHz rules and allow terrestrial 5G use that has been shown not to interfere with current licensed uses. The coalition held a press briefing on Wednesday, May 12, 2021 with several key companies and experts to discuss the engineering feasibility, economics, and business and consumer benefits of expanding the 12 GHz spectrum band for 5G.


Xiber LLC. Founder, President and Chief Technology Officer, Stephen Hon spoke as a representative for Internet Service Providers that are working on bringing Internet to underserved communities on the importance of this movement towards 5G deployment of the 12GHz band.


At the press briefing, Hon said, “As any modern service provider knows, the ever-increasing demand for network utilization is forcing us to explore new technologies and methods to build networks faster and with more capacity. We believe that new rules surrounding the use of the 500mhz of spectrum in the 12ghz band will be helpful to Xiber and other similar companies to extend modern broadband services and reduce the digital divide in rural or other underserved communities.”


Other speakers included CEO of Incompas Chip Pickering, CEO of RS Access V. Noah Campbell, Former Chief Engineer of the Wireless Bureau Tom Peters, former FCC Commissioner Harold Furchtgott-Roth, and Director of Open Technology Institute Michael Calabrese.


Xiber believes that opening up the 12GHz band for terrestrial 5G use will unleash a flood of new avenues to reach underserved multi- and single- family communities and rural and suburban businesses across the US. We challenge the FCC to act swiftly to enable Xiber and other service providers to access this underutilized spectrum to accelerate rollout of 5G service to areas in need, giving Americans the connectivity they deserve.


For more information on the Coalition and its members, please visit https://5gfor12ghz.com or email LindseeGentry@rational360.com.