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Surprisingly Likable Internet

We aim to be a sweet spot in the most disliked industry in America. Because not only do we provide fixed wireless Internet, which is faster than traditional wired companies, we’re also smaller. That means you won’t call some far-off call center if you have a question. You’ll call Alex, Genesis, or Carly.

An internet tower

Weightless Internet

How it works

We chucked out all the unnecessary, heavy cable when we built our hybrid fiber and fixed wireless nationwide network. So, unlike traditional Internet, our network travels straight from the server, to our tower, to your home or business. That’s it. Nothing else in the way to slow it down.

TV too? You know it.

Xiber TV is a service for you to experience TV on the smart platforms you already use—and at a fair price. Currently, the Xiber TV app is available on the Roku platform, for standard web browsers, and the Google Play store.

Meet our Xperts

They’re real. A little quirky. A lot of fun. But most importantly, they truly want to help you. Get to know a few of the many actual human beings that make up our team of Xperts.

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