Xiber’s SD-WAN gives your business an express lane.

By Matt Bergeson | November 1, 2022

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SD-WAN will continue to securely connect users, devices, and networks with critical applications and resources regardless of where they are deployed."

As your enterprise continues to accelerate its digital transformation, Xiber stands ready to introduce an SD-WAN solution that will handle your ever-growing workloads. With increased application performance and availability, enhanced agility and responsiveness, as well as end-to-end segmentation for increased security.


The world has changed so much over the past several years, that people are inventing new words to describe it. Virtualization and cloud adoption has led to application and resource migration to cloud environments on an almost unimaginable scale. Not long ago, that last sentence wouldn’t have even made sense! But these days, almost all organizations utilize the cloud. New SD-WAN platforms have gone beyond fast and secure access and connection to cloud-based applications. Now, they act as critical building blocks for extremely active, broadly distributed networks.


At first, organizations were moving to an application-centric business model because that’s the direction the digital world was moving. But the technologies simply couldn’t keep up. SD-WAN innovations like self-healing connections, application-aware routing, accelerated cloud on-ramp, and failback ensured the consistent, flexible access and made true connectivity possible.


Like most modern technologies, decisions about which SD-WAN solution is most appropriate for a specific enterprise will largely depend on what you’re going to use it for.


  • Managed site-to-site VPNs: This is wide-area network connectivity between multiple offices controlled by a manager. Tunnels are managed by the provider and locations can be added or deleted when appropriate.
  • WAN acceleration and optimization: Compression, caching, and other functions that move data across the network more quickly and efficiently.
  • Application queuing, traffic prioritization, and SaaS Quality of Experience: Data prioritization across the WAN, often combined with peering arrangements. This allows for shorter, more predictable routes to SaaS and VoIP providers.
  • Multi-link/ISP aggregation: Real-time, or near real-time monitoring of ISP quality with dynamic routing to a specific URL or domain.
  • Security: In this day and age, security is paramount. Especially when you consider that SD-WAN solutions utilize public Internet, and sometimes displace private, point-to-point, or MPLS networks. This is one of the principal reasons SD-WAN from Xiber is such a great solution.


The Bottom Line:


What is SD-WAN from Xiber? Secure SD-WAN from Xiber is the most flexible and secure foundation for ongoing network transformation. It Increases your productivity, speed, security and profitability.


As networks continue to evolve, one concept will remain true: users and devices will need fast, accurate, reliable, and secure access to critical applications and resources. Whether deployed on-prem, in the cloud, as a cloud-based service, or as part of a larger solution, Secure SD-WAN will continue to securely connect users, devices, and networks with critical applications and resources regardless of where they are deployed.


Embrace the kind of cutting-edge technology that will boost your network performance and your bottom line at the same time.


Coupled with our highly rated technical support staff, SD-WAN may serve many different purposes such as:


  • Improving performance: our certified team of engineers will configure and manage your SD-WAN instance(s) to prioritize business-critical traffic and real-time services
  • Reducing costs: get rid of all antiquated, expensive MPLS circuits and save money with more affordable broadband or low-cost direct Internet access circuit
  • Simplifying management: control all deployed SD-WAN devices at multiple sites under one central management console


Like everything Xiber offers, our SD-WAN combines the latest and greatest technology with the expertise of real people, ready to help answer any questions you may have. To learn more about Xiber SD-WAN, contact us at sales@xiber.com or chat with us at https://xiber.com/business/.