Secure and Seamless Xiber Managed Wi-Fi is Good for Business

By Matt Bergeson | February 24, 2023

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With Xiber Managed Wi-Fi, you get fast, reliable Wi-Fi solutions designed with speed, security, and service in mind."

A more productive staff and happier customers are just a taste of the benefits of Xiber Managed Wi-Fi

A business Wi-Fi solution is essential for most organizations that need to stay productive—and profitable. When you have access to a seamless, robust Wi-Fi system, you can access your high-speed Internet from anywhere, whether it’s your office or the beach. In addition, it lets your customers use their smart devices to stay connected while they are doing business with you—a big plus in the customer service and satisfaction column.


In fact, offering free Wi-Fi to your customers not only increases customer loyalty, but it also encourages your customers to linger longer at your establishment, resulting in higher revenues (and maybe even some new partnerships). In some cases, you can even collect customer data through this connection, allowing you to fine-tune your marketing efforts for a greater return on investment.


At Xiber, we have created a Managed Wi-Fi program that provides the benefits your business needs to keep processes running smoothly. But because we believe in value-added services, we loaded our Managed Wi-Fi with features you’ll love, like amped-up security for peace of mind and a full team of Xperts that are at your service around the clock for unbeatable reliability.


Xiber Managed Wi-Fi—for the Ultimate Wi-Fi Experience
Every modern company needs business Internet. But not just any business Internet will do if you want to be at the top of your game. You need fast Internet speeds and seamless connections that can promote faster, more efficient workflows; optimize your customer service and increase customer satisfaction; and promote better communication throughout your organization. And, with more employees taking advantage of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies and customers tapping into your Wi-Fi, you want to be sure any system that is in place also has ironclad security in place to protect your data from malicious actors.


Well, never fear, Xiber is here. From the conceptual design phase through implementation and on into establishing and continuously maintaining your Wi-Fi network, Xiber makes gaining these advantages easier and hassle-free. Our trained professionals use advanced tools to ensure that your private and public Wi-Fi networks remain secure, cost-effective, and completely covered in every sense of the word. Let’s take a closer look:


Security? We Have You Covered
Securing your business Wi-Fi is important not just to protect your business data from unwanted intrusion, but also to protect your guests and customers while they are using your Wi-Fi. Offering secure guest Wi-Fi not only protects customer data, but it shows your customers you care about them.


At Xiber, our team is on the leading edge of Wi-Fi security best practices so we can provide the most secure networks and admin controls possible. And, because our Managed Wi-Fi solutions can integrate seamlessly with our network and data-security platform, we can guarantee that threat detection and intelligence is always active.


Our Solutions Give You a Cost Advantage
The Xiber team is always looking for new ways to help drive down capital expenditure and operating costs for our customers. By employing intricate radio frequency (RF) study and mapping into the design of your solution, we can limit costs with an accurate recommendation of necessary access points. RF studies result in more efficient Wi-Fi networks by providing insights into the ways radio waves behave in certain areas, ensuring you have adequate signal coverage everywhere you need it.


Our Team Is Always at Your Service
Finally, the Xiber team stands behind every one of our products, from reliable hybrid fiber Internet to Managed Wi-Fi and more. With our Managed Wi-Fi solutions, you get the advantage of a team of certified experts who will provide Wi-Fi performance and security monitoring around the clock—every day of the year. If you want additional transparency and insight, you can even add on frequent network reporting for a full-coverage experience.


Order Xiber Managed Wi-Fi for Hassle-Free Connectivity You—and Your Customers—Can Count On
In today’s hypercompetitive business marketplace, you need to ensure that your employees have all the tools they need to be productive. But you also need to remain competitive in the customer services arena as well, providing value-added services that customers need and love. With Xiber’s new Managed Wi-Fi package, you can do both.


Our team is adept at the fixed-wireless Internet game, providing our business customers with the secure, high-speed connectivity they need to drive results and revenue. Now, we are helping to take the hassle out of Wi-Fi by creating a package that will provide seamless, secure Wi-Fi access to staff and customers alike, without the pain and stress of delegating one of your staff to manage it.


With Xiber Managed Wi-Fi, you get fast, reliable Wi-Fi solutions designed with speed, security, and service in mind. Not only will you be able to streamline workflows and improve communications, but you’ll have powerful security protocols in place to protect your data and outstanding service around the clock and throughout the year. Ready to get started? Just call us at 888-709-0681 or contact us through our website.